Christchurch Chamber of Trade and Commerce exists as a mutual benefit society for those who wish to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the area and to receive information, advice and help from like-minded traders and business leaders. Our mission is to leverage the
support of members to provide a service for all businesses in the borough. Our philosophy is that the success of each business is dependent on the success of neighbours and the vibrancy of the area. Christchurch Chamber uses modest member subscriptions to cover operating expenses and raises resources for projects via events and fundraising. We are grateful for the support of Corporate Sponsors, whose subscriptions enable the support of larger events and functions.
As an individual, your opinion matters but can often be ignored. Small traders can feel isolated from the general business community; by joining the Chamber you will be able to call on our mutual strength and support, no longer powerless against changes that affect your business. Membership of the Chamber gives us strength through numbers. Collectively,
local businesses can make an impact on issues that affect the success of the area; together we can inform and influence economic development strategies.You could be too busy running your
business to deal with some of the wider issues that may concern and effect you – we address them on your behalf and keep you informed – simply! The Chamber is your local association and
represents your interests.

Your ideas can help to launch award winning, self sustaining events, such as the Food Festival. Your expertise can help solve members’ problems and provide ‘mentoring’ for
novices in business. Your participation, however small, can make a difference to us all.

The Chamber will provide you with the ability to mix, share and work alongside others that share similar views and concerns. Our regular monthly meetings provide updates on current issues and the opportunity for you to openly discuss concerns, opinions and successes with like minded business people. Via meetings and seminars held when important issues are raised, the Chamber will provide you with one of the most effective means of keeping your business informed and involved. We will help you to build relationships with other businesses in the area and to conduct more trade locally. The Chamber maintains an influential voice on local business issues that effect members directly. We will air your concerns about issues in the local economy that need addressing. We will invite you to Networking Events, and Business Breakfasts that are held with the Borough Council on an adhoc basis.The Chamber also provides you with:
Editorial opportunities in our ‘Alive’
Discounted advertising in various
Shopping and Business Guides.